Bobby Caples BW

Education & Youth Development Consultant

Bobby Caples, Ed.S. is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist with doctoral level training and experience in a variety of education and youth-related fields, from school psychology to after-school programming. Bobby holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia as well as a Masters and Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology from the University of South Florida. Bobby has worked for a variety of public and nonprofit youth-related organizations in a variety of capacities, from researcher to Executive Director.

Since 2006, Bobby has also provided strategic and technical assistance to a variety of youth-serving organizations, helping build their capacity to serve youth with social, emotional, behavioral, and academic difficulties. In 2013, Bobby moved into the role of consultant full-time, working with several youth-serving programs, community organizations, and schools. Bobby’s approach involves a unique combination of big picture, “vision-level” thinking with practical, day-to-day operationalization. This dual-focus on both “big and small” ensures that things get done without losing sight of the organization’s passion and purpose.

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